Social Development:

Consultants/Professionals Experts under these disciplines of HB Consultants have the competency in carrying out socio-economic and institutional studies, which include demographic studies, regional economic development studies, studies on cultural and traditional aspects, infrastructure facilities, requirements of institutional set up and its re-structuring analysis, which is mostly needed to implement various management plans, can be effectively worked out by the concerned consultants/specialists of HB Consultants Ltd.

Name of the Projects

Market Study on some selected Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs)

Assessment of the present socio-economic condition of the trained youth of the Department of the Youth Development (DYD) in the 16 districts of Rajshahi division

Second Tracer Study and Data Management for PLCEHD-1

Participatory Poverty Assessment

Rural Employment Opportunities for Public Assets: Employment of Vulnerable Groups for Creation and Maintenance of Pro-poor Public Assets

Evaluation Study of the Youth Training and Self-employment Project

Baseline Survey for Rural Employment Opportunities for Public Assets (REOPA) Project

Grant 9152 MON: Promoting Inclusive Financial for the Poor-Project Evaluation Unit (44112-012)