Finance, Micro Finance & Banking:

HB possesses high profile expertise in the field of reviewing institutions condition, identifying losses, and recommending viable alternatives for cost effective operations. HB is capable of working in bank restructuring and reengineering in the form of MIS capacity and needs assessment, current loan and asset evaluation, design and implementation of change management programs and strategies. HB ensures reliable and timely production of audited accounts design, develop and strengthen accounting capacity of the institution, preparation of management plan, development of HR integration strategy, development of performance matrix.

Apart from the finance and banking sectors, HB offers a full range of services of poverty alleviation through training and micro-finance and micro-credit and, institutional capacity building of Government and NGOs. The services include design and implementation of micro finance and micro credit programs and designing appropriate credit delivery mechanisms, training of the poor beneficiaries and the staff involved in credit delivery system and preparing training materials.

Name of the Projects

Diaspora Bond – Design Contract Phase I

Support to Health and Population Sector Program (HPSP)- A Review of the Revenue and Development Budgeting Arrangements in the MOH&FW and the Role of the Financial Management and Budget Committee

Follow-up Monitoring and Evaluation System (MES) Study [Contract Package No.: S-5] under Second Poverty Alleviation Microfinance Project

Micro-insurance Sector Development in Sri Lanka  (TA No.4761-SRI)

PPTA: BAN 36197-01: Financial Markets Governance Program

Support for Governance Reforms: Strengthening Anti-Money Laundering Regime in Pakistan

LES Business Familiarization and Capacity Building Program for Bankers

Securitization Consultant for Resource Mobilization under Financial Institutions Development Project (Credit # 3285BD)

Bangladesh: Enterprise Growth & Bank Modernization Project / Team of Experts for Sonali Bank

Enterprise Growth & Bank Modernization Project / Team of Experts for Rupali Bank

Market Survey and Baseline Study on Housing Finance for Low and Low – Middle Income Population in Bangladesh

Capital Market Development Program II

Financial Sector Study- Bangladesh. (Contract: 7163656) Sector: Finance