Small and Medium Enterprise (SME):

HB believes that sustainable SME development in Bangladesh in particular has been restricted by the distinct lack of available information, thereby creating a ‘blind-spot’ in the formulation of potential developmental initiatives within the sector. While there is little capacity within the public sector to generate large numbers of job opportunities, it is foreseen that development of labour-intensive enterprises within the service, construction and manufacturing industries may balance this deficit. HB has world-class project team with extensive experience in National Private Sector Surveys, bringing a strong contextual understanding of the cultural, political and institutional climate in Bangladesh.

Name of the Projects

National Private Survey of Small and Medium (SME) Enterprises in Bangladesh (GEMINI Survey)

Market research on Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in two selected rural districts (Rajshahi and Moulavibazar) of Bangladesh, funded by World Bank under the Access to Rural Finance Project

Understanding banking needs of SMEs

Evaluation of SME Banking Technical Assistance Programs provided by IFC Facilities

Five Year Business Plan for Business Promotion Council

Action Research on Rural Haats

Credit Scoring Model Building Project

Targeted SME Capacity Building Project  (TA Loan 2150-BAN)

SME Level Impact Assessment of Access to Finance Interventions in  Bangladesh