Water Resource Engineering

Water is our most valuable terrestrial resource. A growing world population requires more clean water while much of our ground and surface water is at risk from urban sprawl and industrial and agricultural activities. Water Resources Engineers help to protect water supplies and ensure that development of new sources does not disrupt natural processes. Our work is concerned with the design of systems that control the quantity, quality, timing, and distribution of water to support both human habitation and the needs of the environment. Our team is made up of expertly trained civil and environmental engineering staffs that specialize in a variety of areas, including the design of water-supply systems, water and wastewater treatment facilities, and watershed.


Our services include:

•    Feasibility Studies & Detailed Designs (FSDD) of small scale water resources
•    Development of dredging Strategy
•    Feasibility Study of dams
•    Water Quality and Industrial Pollution Monitoring System/Program Design
•    Watershed master planning
•    Watershed impact studies
•    Water resources planning and engineering
•    Hydrologic and hydraulic studies
•    Master drainage planning
•    Water Treatment Plant Design
•    Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
•    Erosion control systems